'Finer Things' signed to Armada Music!

July 30, 2017


Since the end of last year I have recorded quite a lot of songs in collaboration with other producers. I am really pleased to find out that one of those songs with 'Salazar Pakyo' has just been signed to Armada Music! It will be released on 'The Bearded Man' imprint, which is super cool because I like beards!


This will be my second official release as a featured artist and I'm excited to see how it does, after the first one did so well. I actually got some help with the title of this song, as I asked my social media followers to choose the name of it, (without hearing the music). 'Finer Things' was chosen over 'Diamond rings', 'Big Cigars', 'Beauty Queen', 'Spend It All', all of which are lyrics in the song. So thanks a bunch if you were one of those people who gave feedback! :)


The song should be released in September/October time, so be sure to have a listen when it is released and let me know what you think!





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