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My First Sofar Sounds Session (Live Video)

Before I started pursuing my music career properly, I'd sit in my room and play guitar and sing loads. I'd watch tons and tons of different artists on Live session channels like Ont' Sofa, Sofar sounds, BalconyTV, Mahogany, Secret Sessions, NPR tiny desk etc. Well earlier this year I ticked Ont' Sofa off my list and it was awesome. Sofar Sounds is quite similar but there's actually a live audience there to watch you perform. Nonetheless i was stoked to get to play on another channel that I learned and grew from, I still do to be honest haha. They're sick! But anyway, my session was held at the Paul Smith store in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds. It was an unusual but lovely venue and I had an amazing time performing! It's a surreal experience when you dream of doing things and then you do them haha. Follow your dreams sweet peas! Until next time xxx

I hope you enjoy the show!

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