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2018 Wrapped up (Spotify)

A super big thank you to those who were a part of it, and to all of you who are rooting for me on this musical journey!

This year I will be releasing my first independent solo releases. In the past I've been releasing collaborations via labels. The past projects were a joy to be involved with and brought me a lot of experience and opportuntiies, but now it's time for me to express myself as an artist more and put out more visual content. So you will be seeing a different musical direction that reflects my vision more and also some music videos soon! For those of you who are wondering if I will ever release any of my acoustic music. The answer is yesI do plan to, but not in the near future. I hope you like the music I do release as much as I do.

💕💜💕 Looking forward to 2019! 🤟🏽🔥​

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