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Welcome to 2018 🎉

The new year is here!

2017 was an awesome year with lots of learning and growth as every year is. I did a cool collab with Salar Pakyo, which was signed to Armada Music and went to number one in iTunes Finland! Crazy! I did my first few wedding gigs this year, did a lot of live performing and busked loooads. Oh I experienced my first ever snow flake falling in my hand! We don't get snow where I'm from haha. So yeah It was a great year...

Now 2018 already started with a bang! I’ve just had the master finished for my next release 'Loverboy' and already a great label has shown interest. I'm sorry to tease and not give the full details but I will very soon!

I also have loads to look forward to this year like pursuing modelling more and releasing a solo project. So far I’ve only officially released collabs and it’s awesome but it’s just a different feeling to really bring the visions in my head to life. I have done of acoustic songs written but I'm actually taking a different direction for this next project and you'll hear more about it later in the year. I'll still be performing my acoustic songs live until I have my new stuff ready, and after that I guess the acoustic music will get put on hold, or maybe I'll do a bit of both, who knows?! I’m really looking forward to the awesome gigs I’ll be doing soon. I'll be supporting Ben Brown, and I have a couple more video channel sessions lined up including another Sofar Sounds session!

It’s just gonna be a great year, I can feel it! Haha.

Besides music, I’m also aiming to really take extra care of my body, mind and soul this year. Last year I went vegan and it’s great, I have so much fun cooking and putting healthy things in my body and keeping mama earth healthy too. I’ve also started doing yoga and going to the gym so I want to make sure I stay on top of that. Throw in some meditation and that should keep my mind at peace haha. Too often we get so caught up in life, work and goals, that we forget that we require a certain amount of self maintenance to keep our physical and spiritual healthy. So this year I’m aiming to be more mindful of this. It’s a lovely thing to be able to look back on the year and think of all of the amazing things we’ve done, but it’s also amazing to see where we could do better and take this new opportunity we have to do so. Growth is beautiful. So I wish all of you a wonderful 2018 full of love, positivity and lots of growth.

Love you guys, happy New year!

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