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BBC Introducing Song of the Year! (West Yorkshire)

Hi buddies!

Super excited because my song with Smithmusix, 'Summertime Fling' has made the BBC Introducing Song of the Year 2016 list! It was a wonderful way to wrap up the year. I'm glad everyone's still vibing with it. So yeah, if you're wanting to check it out the video clip is in this blog. Alan Raw makes my crystals pretty and plays the song. Fab stuff, fab stuff. I also have started working on the album artwork for my future Official EP and I'm exceedingly happy with it. I'll keep that a sectret for now but make sure you subscibre to my mailing list to get my EP Demo's for free in the mean time!

Everything is coming together, slowly but surely, and I just can't wait to get a piece of me out there. It's gonna be amazing. I hope all of you are doing super duperly well.

Lots of peace, love, and joy to ya.

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