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Paramount music organised a fashion event, and not only did they have professional models on the catwalk but all the artists performing on the night also took part in walking the runway in Accent Clothing. I really enjoyed being a part of it, it was lot's of fun, and I must say simply walking down a runway and looking good isn't so simple. Hats off to all the models out there, y'all make it look easy. I think I'll stick to singing, at least for now!


The venue (Wardrobe) did a great job with the background visuals, it's pretty neat singing with lot's of pretty flowers behind me on big screen!

I got to do an interview backstage with 8BOLTV too, so I look forward to seeing that come out. I think there will be some performance footage coming from them too. For those who can't make it to my shows and want to catch my live when I perform, add me on snapchat @alyshahofficial and I'll keep you in the loop! There's always some live clips posted on there when I perform. I am going to see Crystal Fighters live this month in Manchester, and I really can't wait. They are super amazing and you must check them out if you haven't head of them before! :)

While I have your attention, please click here and go follow me on Spotify if you use it! Have a super great day people! :)

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