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100 to 0 real quick...

Well, just when everything was going hunky-dory, life decides to poop on my head, in my ear to be precise. XD I have a perforated ear drum, it could be worse, I'll be ok eventually, but it's means I can't my guitar properly and sing for weeks! It happened from some virus I seem to have caught on a trip the London. I blame the dirty tube stations (sorry London I gotta blame someone). I have thankfully already attending one of the Breeze festival dates but I am devastated that I have to cancel the remaining four dates. I was really looking forward to performing at Roundhay Park, one of my favourite singers ever, Michael Jackson performed there once upon a time. Maybe next year I suppose. I will have to cancel a lot of planned performances this month but fingers crossed I will be back for Hopfest in on Bank Holiday Sunday 28th @ The Hop Pole, Retford.

I may not be able to do much atm but you can be sure I will have something new for you all shortly and I'll come back with a bang! :)

I'm back in California in September to visit friends and family but don't worry my little english muffins, I will be back soon! I've had a blast here and you have been so good to me, especially in the great city of Leeds! This blog isn't so interesting so I know what I can do to spice it up, I'll add a video clip from a recent live performance for y'all to watch! This is one of my songs called 'Long for me' but for some reason we just call it 'The Mountain song' haha. I hope you enjoy the video!

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