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Futuresound Final

Hey y'all!

I'm beyond excited because I have the Futuresound competition final coming up! So basically, me and the other fishies in the competition sea, go do like a 30 minute gig, and then the judges pick the top 3 people to play at the Leeds & Reading Festival. I've never been to a big music festival but I feel like I just love them with all of my heart. So that would just be like the butter to my toast, to have my first experience of one, also being the first time I play at one!

Moving on, the prize is good stuff, but even if I don't win, the competition is being held at the wardrobe which is the same place I will be watching JP Cooper perform in a few months time! So just being in the competition is already a big prize. Just months ago I was shaking in my boots at the thought of singing in front of people, and now I'm playing this awesome gig at an awesome venue in hopes to win an awesome prize. Life is rad and I'm happy I pushed myself through all of the scary stuff to get here. It ain't life if you aren't living!

Love y'all. Be great, be bold, and I will speak to you soon.

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