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Happy New Year - Roll on 2017!

Happy new year to all my beautiful Mermaids and Mermans out there!

2016 has been incredible for me, with lot's of challenges and tough times yet so many rewards and great experiences. I realised since y'all are signed to my mailing list I should probably start sending out my monthly blog and other cool updates. Sorry, I was actually posting a blog on my website each month and didn't inform you, but from now on I will, call it my new years resolution!

Let's sum up my highlights 2016 quickly and I'll tell you what is planned for 2017...

OK so; Turned 18, Made, Flew 5000 miles to work on my music in the UK, Recorded my fist single 'Summertime Fling', Had some songs on BBC radio and more, Got to final of Futuresound competition, Last 200 in the Voice UK , Got in the YEP Newspaper, Performed at lot's of venues and events, Met JP Cooper, Jammed with Crystal Fighters, Mentioned on BIGTOP40 chart show to millions of people, Did an Ont' Sofa session, learnt so much and met so many nice people on my musical adventure. So like I said, Roll on 2017! Any minute now I shall have an Ont' Sofa session for you all to watch. This is something I have wanted to do for years, ever since I started playing the guitar when I was 14 and I would watch my favorite singers on their channel. It is such a pleasure to be on the channel myself now and I'm super excited to share it with you very soon!

I have a couple of singles in the making with some popular producers that I can't say much more about but I can announce my debut acoustic EP is scheduled for release March 3rd! I will be having launched parties too, so make sure you come along and vibe with me if you can. :)

I may have missed something out but hey, it's new years eve and it's time to party, (or sing to people who are out partying in my case). I'll leave you with a quick sing song that I got on video the other day to watch. I was covering a song by Jordan Mackampa and what d'ya know, he liked it and commented too! So smiles all round.

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