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I'm a hippie at heART!

So the past weeks I've had a bit of break from performing because of the perforated ear drum I had. I've been able to sing a little and record a little but it hasn't been the same because I can't really hear properly. It seems to take a long time for it to fully recover, so I kept the creative urges satisfied as best as I could with arts and crafts. As much as I love to draw/paint, I am looking forward to the upcoming live shows such as 'Paramount Music meets Fashion'. I am also excited to perform some new songs I have written.

Thankfully 'Summertime Fling' has been keeping things ticking over for me, Well over 100k plays on Soundcloud/Youtube combined and it is still growing! I will take this months blog to share some of my art with you since I haven't done so much musically. I would also like to invite you all to join my Snapchat where you can see what I get up to and catch some cool behind the scenes stuff. Just add @AlyshahOfficial :)

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